Flava Flav

Yum! I would sell my kids for another tub of the Sorrel! Great that you guys do vegan and vege options too

Oliver Smith
Consulting Point

Having tried another flava previously

Having tried another flava previously the exotic strawberry and sorrel flavas have converted me completely! Sweet sorbet goodness and tangier and more flavaful than traditional ice cream and a lot less bloating. This product left me excited about which to try next!


The best Sorbet I have ever tasted

If I’m honest, never really been a Sorbet fan, I like my cakes, cookies and flap jacks. Thought I would try some samplers courtesy of the guys at Exotic Flavas and now my whole perception on desserts has changed forever.
Real ingredients, so I don’t feel like I shouldn’t eat too much, in fact… Read more “The best Sorbet I have ever tasted”

Louis Odunoye

All the Flavours

I have had the privilege to taste all the flavours and I can describe them as delicious, delectable and a sheer delight.


Exotic Entertainment

I was blessed with a parcel filled with an explosion of flavours for a social gathering. My guests were excited at the prospect of sampling the different flavours. Most were not content to settle foe “One flavour, one scoop!” I was surprised by the the stir it caused. It would be great to have an… Read more “Exotic Entertainment”

Ali Simmons
Maison du Nat-Ali

Exotic indeed

I tried 4 flavours (pitahaya, strawberry, persimmon & spice) recently where I really like the first 3 – I’m not a big fan of spicy generally why I probably didn’t like the last one that much.
I must say this new product was refreshing, as you could put it in the freezer & have… Read more “Exotic indeed”

Sheldon Ford

Great new taste!

I apsolutely loved the Exotic flavoured sorbet and cocktails. The taste is fantastic, I have tried all the flavours and honestly like all of them. They are healty and refreshing! Will definitly buy again!


Sorbet saved my life!

After having the Flu all Christmas I had no appetite until exotic flavas introduced me to their sorbet. It was exactly what I needed, no dairy rubbish just lovely fruity goodness and perfect for my sore throat. I wanted to keep it my little secret but I just can’t, I’ve recommended sorbets and smocktails on… Read more “Sorbet saved my life!”

Rae Bryan

We had the strawberries and

We had the strawberries and pitahaya sorbet and boy did we indulge without a single pinch of guilt! Not only are they made of fresh fruits, they are also free from nasty additives, artificial colourings and sugar ? We love how they have alcoholic sorbets as well, along with real exotic flavours like Sorrel, Persimmon… Read more “We had the strawberries and”

Denise Chew

I have never been one

I have never been one for sorbets in the past but, I having experienced the taste of Exotic Flavas, I have to say that I am now totally hooked for a spoonful of melt in the mouth sorbet. In fact, just thinking about the mouthwatering, creamy, fruity flavours and the taste of ripe, juicy, luscious… Read more “I have never been one”

Yvonne Lynch
The Lynch International School of Dance

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